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University Printers knows that digital printing services are constantly evolving and we are ready for the challenge. We want to make a difference in your printing needs and resources by promising you our most environmentally sustainable digital solution to provide high-quality results.

University Printers proudly serves Metro Vancouver with areas including Abbotsford, Surrey, Maple Ridge, Langley and Vancouver. Our digital printing store offers instant on-demand printing with cost-efficient prices to make us reign over the competition. Among our excellent digital printing services, we offer progressive digital fabric printing to elevate your project to the next level.


Ideal Digital Printing Projects

Commercial digital printing is incredibly flexible and allows for smaller prints to remain clear and precise. Traditional offset printing is a thing of the past and digital printing is here to make way. So what are some of the advantages of commercial digital printing?

Creative Design Projects:

Digital printing offers customization options such as fonts, layouts, spacing and other elements to help even the most particular artist and designer. You can print your design on a variety of surfaces, stipulate the finish and watch as your project takes physical form in a stunning resolution and colour presentation. 

If You Are Working With a Tight Deadline:

For all university students and marketing professionals, digital printing is the best choice when it comes to fulfilling your rigid deadline. Compared to a traditional printing company that can take days or weeks to process your important copies, University Printers can have your project resolved in a matter of hours. We work best with standard paper sizes that most company and university projects can be formatted to print quickly while remaining high quality.

Direct Mail Projects:

The most important part of defining your brand is the positive relationship you build with your client base. Customizing your flyers to appeal to different demographics, placing personalized messages on direct mailings to your customers and creating multiple different campaigns through colour palettes and taglines to compare results amongst clients are just one huge benefit of digital printing. 

Digital printing enables you to print quickly and while also printing high-quality designs to give you the leg up on companies that use traditional printing.  


What Are The Costs?

Traditional printing is calculated by page and that can quickly rack up to a hefty total if you have to produce hundreds of copies. Digital printing costs can be calculated by adding the cartridge cost and page yield, the number of pages your printer can produce before needing a replacement cartridge, with the cost of paper. Depending on the cartridge you choose, the prices will vary depending on model and brand and the paper costs anywhere from half a cent to 10 cents depending on quality. 

Just like any other prints, colour prints will be more expensive than black and white. A coloured print runs on average 4.5 cents higher than non-coloured. For perspective, a black and white print is typically 4 cents on average and its coloured counterpart costs 8.5 cents.


Is It Cheaper to Print At Home or In-Store?

Depending on how many prints you want to produce, the in-store option is more suited. University Printers has over 30 years of experience in the printing industry and can help anyone new to the digital printing industry to transfer their perfect vision onto paper.

 Digital printing in-store serves the option that requires over 500 copies, and anything under that can be done at less expense from a home cartridge. 


We Are Your Digital Printing Store With A Personal Touch

University Printers is dedicated to helping you meet your project deadlines, assist you in producing expert flyers for your client base and facilitate you in all your digital printing needs. Our range of services that we confidently offer our clients in Metro Vancouver and the surrounding area is combined with the leading experts in the printing industry to help you transfer your vision onto paper.

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