Why Paper Always Wins | How Digital Printing Beats Digital Marketing Strategies

In recent times, many businesses have turned to digital marketing to get their brand out into the public. While many see this as the decline of print media, digital technologies have made print technologies adapt with the times, evolving to deliver outstanding physical material that leads to more conversions. Now that digital printing services are in high demand, the best thing you can do for your business is to rely on a printing company that can handle such tasks. 

At University Printers, we bring years of graphic design experience and offset printing in Vancouver to elevate any personal or business project to the highest quality. We always utilize the latest printing technology to bring your ideas to life and promote your message or brand. 

Print marketing is a highly effective resource leading into the next year and it holds numerous advantages over digital marketing! 


Why Is Print Marketing Still So Effective Leading Into 2022?


Print marketing has had a long reputation and presence in our daily lives. It’s present in millions of magazines, catalogues, books, and brochures distributed around the globe. At its peak, you could see numerous ads on billboards, displays, and newspapers because people would either drive by them or have them as reading material. 


The days of newspaper ads are long over, but print marketing is still doing strong today and leading into 2022. This is because print is physical and it allows companies to utilize a tangible form of marketing that they can see upfront and interact with. Around 80% of consumers took immediate action when they saw an ad for a brand compared to the 45% who saw the ad digitally. 


Print marketing is ultimately viewed as a reliable form of advertising that increases your business’ credibility. You’ll be able to grab peoples’ attention for longer periods of time with a physical billboard or flyer, driving them to take action when it matters most.


What Are The Advantages Of Print Media?


Print media marketing has many advantages over digital marketing. The truth, however, is that for both to be successful, they can work in conjunction with each other. That goes into our first point arguing that print marketing is always evolving and adapting to different times. Our high-class printing machines make printing out material more affordable than ever, with colours standing out better. 


Print marketing also builds more meaningful connections with the customer and is beneficial for their brains. It’s been proven to give customers a lasting form or connection to the ad because of how personalized it is for them. Because of how upfront the printed ad is, it's imprinted into our brains and lasts longer in our heads, especially if there is a snappy image or slogan. Therefore, they are more likely to remember your company and purchase your product or service because it suits their needs. 


That goes into another aspect of print marketing, where it can help establish brand identity and create trustworthy, positive responses. With high-end printing technology, typography, colour, and shapes can be added to your advertisements, making them stand out from the rest. You’ll be able to showcase your brand more consistently and generate local buzz that will make you more memorable. 


Why Is Print Media More Reliable?


Print media marketing is more reliable because it can boost both physical and online sales regardless of the location. With careful coordination and planning, you’ll be able to utilize both print media and digital marketing initiatives to go beyond your company’s business goals. It’s cost-effective and adaptable with digital media, especially when you have a website or social media links on flyers and posters. 

Print media isn’t dead and can be a valuable marketing tool to promote your business! It makes for good promotional material for the products or services you offer and shouldn’t be underestimated in a time of digital technology and online marketing. 

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