Choosing the right printing paper for your design | Professional printing services in Abbotsford

Getting your design project printed should be exciting!

All the little details that you carefully have thought about, the endless nights that you spent perfecting the message you want to convey and the infinite amount of hours you took to craft the perfect image - it’s all transformed onto a valuable piece of paper. 

Our digital printing services in Maple Ridge can bring all those special ingredients you carefully crafted into one amazing project. You can always depend on our printing services in Abbotsford to give you the building blocks to successfully boost your image quality, enhance colour palettes and dazzle onlookers.


How do I choose the perfect paper for my project?

So you have all the proper ingredients for the perfect print, but you’re missing one important element - the paper. Choosing the right paper is more complex than just picking a fancy sheet and crossing your fingers for the best. It’s about a calculative decision that can enhance your proposal or assignment. We can help you choose the right paper for your printing needs, and help you determine which printing process matches your vision.

Just as there are unlimited colour possibilities, there are limitless variations in paper possibilities. Here are 5 factors to consider when choosing the right paper:

  1. The weight

The higher the grams per square meter (GsM), the thicker the paper. For example, the standard copy paper weighs 75 GsM while business cards average 215 GsM. Depending on your individual task at hand, the weight of the paper can bring an elevated element to your project.

  1. The texture

The right paper texture is both visually appealing and textile for the person experiencing it. Whether you’re looking for coated, glossy, matte or dull finish, we have the right textured paper that suits your needs!

  1. The brightness

Depending on the paper you choose, ensure that it reflects the light properly. The same printed image will appear glossy on paper with high brightness, while that same image can appear dull on a paper with low brightness. We suggest going for 100 ratings for your commercial project - the higher the number, the better the paper.

  1. The lifespan

Consider the life of your piece; is it a direct marketing piece that only a handful of people will take a look at, or is it a marketing brochure that has the ability to be seen by thousands? By considering how many people will have access to your piece, or if it’s a short or long-term investment, you’ll be able to decide on the most cost-effective solution. Choosing the appropriate budget can be done when you think of how widespread your project can become.

  1.  The colour

A great colour can enhance your piece, and it can positively affect the way in which your project is presented. Choosing brightly coloured paper for your fundraiser is a great idea, while a neon yellow for your boardroom meeting might not be the best choice. Coloured paper can influence people to further engage with you and your brand, and we can help you choose the perfect coloured or non-coloured sheets for your purposes!


Paper makes the world go round, and your readers wanting more! Call our printing services in Abbotsford today!

Selecting the right paper can sometimes cause confusion, and we can help you make the whole process feel like a breeze! We’ve been in the printing industry for the last 30 years, so we have seen it all!

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