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If you’re looking for a reliable offset printing shop in Vancouver, you came to the right place! Recently, screen printing has been making a comeback, but it is better than the offset printing route? We don’t think so! Let’s take a look at both processes, cost and how offset printing can transform your desired vision with more superior quality than screen printing.

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What’s the difference between Offset and Screen Printing?

Offset printing is fantastic when you want to produce high-quality magazines, flyers, brochures and other visual publications in large quantities. Offset printing uses ink, instead of toner, creating a wildly realistic representation of the picture come to life. 

Additionally, the ink does not crack when the paper is bent or folded and creates the best version of your project without any smudging or grainy details you have to squint to get the clearest image. 

Screen printing has a rich history since the early 1900s and has gained tremendous popularity including printing on t-shirts, plastics, glass and metals. Screen printing uses a stencil, and it closely resembles the works of a stamp. 

While screen printing has allowed millions of projects to come to life on various materials, it’s hard to print delicate and complicated designs due to the limiting size of the mesh stencil. Additionally, if you’re looking for high-quality prints of images, screen printing is not your best option to showcase your works.


What are the Pros and Cons of Screen and Offset Printing?

The versatility and quality of offset printing are superior to screen printing for numerous different reasons. Let’s take a look at some of the pros and cons of each that can help you determine which method is best to enhance your projects. 


Offset Printing Pros

  • Ink doesn’t crack when folded or bent

  • Can produce at extremely high qualities

  • Consistent high image quality

  • Quick printing great for tight deadlines and urgent projects

  • Low cost


Offset Printing Cons

  • Works best for high-volume printing


Screen Printing Pros 

  • Works on a variety of different materials

  • Can withstand multiple different washes and uses


Screen Printing Cons

  • High setup costs

  • Material size is limited

  • Slow printing 

  • Decreased turnaround time compared to offset and digital printing

So what’s the verdict? Offset printing is the better alternative, in terms of cost, quality and quick turnaround time. While screen printing has some valuable pros, it’s just not worth investing your time and money into a design that can be better produced by offset printing. 


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